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Invigorating nature, rich culture and fun evening festivals -
Every turn in your Daegu journey is beyond imagination!

Daegu is a historic city that was safely preserved during the Korean War.
The natural landscape in Palgongsan Mountain near the EXCO convention center presents beautiful scenery throughout all four seasons and is home to numerous Buddhist cultural heritage sites.
Daegu modern history culture alley tours bring together local cultural attractions with urban restoration. Moreover, Daegu provides relaxing, enjoyable experiences at night with its late-night attractions, eateries, and entertainment.
With all this and more, you will discover how Daegu is a city that is both well-equipped for conventions and also exciting to explore.
Modern Culture Tour Daegu
‘Modern Culture Tour Daegu’ is one of the back alley tours in Daegu for observing the history of modernization in Korea. It is recognized as a ‘star of Koreans tourism and has been designated as one of the '99 must-visit tourism locations for Koreans' and is also the most popular tourism course (2nd Course) amongst the back alley tour courses. The alleyways are a meaningful cultural asset that reflects the daily history and culture of Koreans. Visitors will share pleasant memories in Daegu Modern Culture Alley while following the traces of Daegu's modern culture through religion, a medical museum, literature archive and other various historic sites.
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  • 1

    Dongsan Missionary House, Medical Missions Museum

  • 2

    3.1 Movement Road

  • 3

    Gyesan Catholic Church

  • 4

    The houses of Lee Sang-hwa

  • 5

    House of Seo Sangdon

  • 6

    Jingolmok Alley

  • 7

    Yeommae Marke

  • Tour time : Every Saturday 10:00 ~ 12:00, 14:00 ~ 16:00
  • Tour Inquiry : Call for more than 15 people (+82-53-661-2624, 2625)
  • Tour Fee : Free
  • Departure place : Medical Missions Museum (Must arrive 10 minutes in advance)
Palgongsan Mountain Tour
Palgongsan Mountain is famous for its beautiful blossoming azaleas during the spring,
dense forest and clean water streams in the summer, colorful foliage around the 16.3km ring road in the fall, and snowy landscape during the winter.
Seasonal events and its countless Buddhism artifacts and related cultural heritage sites attract large crowds throughout the year as the mountain is also known as re.
In particular, the 33m tall Tong-il Yaksa-yeorae-daebul is one of the world's tallest stone sculptures of Bhechadjaguru.
Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum is the only special museum of Bangjja Yugi in Korea,
which is the term for metal plates made in molten brass.
The museum possess a total of 1,489 artifacts organized into 275 categories
(music instrument, tableware, ritual ware, daily supply, etc)
all created and collected by brassware maker Master Bong-ju Lee
(designated Important Intangible Cultural Heritage no. 77 since 1983).
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  • 1

    Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum

  • 2

    Palgongsan Cable Car

  • 3

    Daegu Safety Theme Park

  • 4

    Donghwasa Temple Tour,
    (hanbok experience & tea ceremony experience)

Night Tour
The last tourism course included in every city tour is about nightlife!
Visit Kim Kwang-Seok Memorial Art Street located in Bangcheon Market where
the songs of the famous late bard are played. Try Suseongmot Lake, a public space much loved by residents of Daegu for a stroll - or anywhere else the bright city lights take you while
taking in the bustling night scenes!
  • 1

    Dongseong-ro Street

  • 2

    Bangcheon Market
    (Kim Gwangseok-gil Street)

  • 3

    Suseong Recreation Area