All areas of research related to physiology are eligible for submission. All abstracts must be submitted using an online abstract template, where you can edit and save your abstract before the deadline. The site of online submission for the symposium talks will be open on 1 March, 2023. Please read carefully the abstract submission instructions below before submitting your abstract.

Abstract Submission Procedure

  • Step 1: Create your account to make a registration and submit your abstract.
  • Step 2: Make early bird registration.
  • Step 3: Submit your abstract.

Only registered presenters with complete payment can access the abstract submission. Each registrant can submit up to two abstracts on the system. A submitter should be identical to the first author or presenter.

You can apply for either Young Investigator Travel Grants or Poster Presentation Award after completing the submission template. Applicants for Travel Grants or Poster Presentation Award can choose optionally Oral Presentation. Travel award applicants must upload the required documents for evaluation. Refer to the Travel Grant Website.

Submission Guideline

  •    • Abstract Originality: Abstracts should describe original work in the field of physiological, medical, and health professions education.
  •    • Author Information: Provide the full name, affiliation, country, and email address of each author on the abstract. The first author (presenting author) will receive all future correspondence from FAOPS regarding the status of the abstract.
  •    • Language: Abstracts must be written in English.
  •    • Topic Category: Select one of the most appropriate topics and subtopics. See the list of topics here.

         If you are a symposium speaker, please choose your session title.

  •    • Abstract Title: The title should objectively describe the study and be written in sentence case. Title should not allude the result or conclusion of the study. Do not use proprietary drug names in your abstract title or body, but use generic names instead. Capitalize each word, except articles, conjunctions or prepositions.
  •    • Abstract Body: Abstract body should describe background, methods, results, and conclusions of the research. Type abstract directly into the body, cut and paste it in the space. Do not exceed 2,600 characters. Pictures, tables or figures are not inserted in the body.
  •    • Keywords: Type up to 5 keywords in the field.
  •    • Acknowledgement: Describe a funding source for the abstract, if any.
  •    • Author Information: The abstract submitter is automatically shown as the presenter (first author). Hence, do not submit on behalf of another presenter.

Each presenter (registrant) is allowed to submit up to two abstracts. Abstracts should comply with the above guideline. Otherwise, it will not be considered for inclusion of FAOPS 2023 Scientific Program.

Oral Presentation

FAOPS2023 has a commitment to give more opportunities to young scientists to present their works in many ways including oral presentation. To be considered as oral presentation speaker, applicant should check “oral presentation” during the abstract submission. Oral presentation speakers will be personally notified about the presentation details including presentation date in advance.

Abstract Review Process

All abstracts will be evaluated through a double-blind peer-review process. The first author/ presenter will receive a notification e-mail from the Program Committee regarding its decision on September 30, 2023. For the integrity of the review process, any abstract revisions will not be allowed after the deadline. Requests for changes (typos or minor text corrections) will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and sent in writing by the first author/presenting author to the secretariat.