Federation of the Asian and Oceanian Physiological Societies (FAOPS)

Founded in 1990, FAOPS is a member of the IUPS World Federation, it encourages the development of physiology, knowledge exchange, and academic development in physiology and related fields, and promotes cooperation and networking through the FAOPS Conference every four years. IUPS I International Union of Physiological Societies

Website : http://www.faops.asia/

The Korean Physiological Society (KPS)

The Korean Physiology Society is one of Korea's oldest academic organizations founded in 1945 and works to expand the base of physiology and promote education, develop life science, and improve human health and quality of life. Currently, researchers and experts in various fields such as medicine, pharmacy, and health science have joined as members and are actively conducting research activities at home and abroad, and are promoting their influence worldwide by hosting the FAOPS competition in 2023 following 2006.

Website : www.koreaphysiology.org